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All Star Anesthesia is is focused on providing patient driven care quickly and efficiently. Our team is receptive to feedback and will give you the opportunity to shape us into exactly what you need. Due to our expertise, we are a stress free team centered around top-tier care for your patients.

We promise to meet or exceed the expectations of our patients and our healthcare partners to consistently deliver the highest quality anesthesia services, and to be a High Reliability Organization.



We are committed to making sure you have smooth, hassle free surgery days.  Please, contact us for more information and references from providers in your area. 



Patient Guidelines

Keeping patient guidelines in mind when scheduling patients will help ensure your day goes smoothly. Patient should be scheduled based on age and medical conditions. Young pediatric patients, patient with medical conditions such as diabetes, and severe autism should be scheduled earlier as it is more difficult or risky to keep them NPO for extended periods of time.

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Surgery Guidelines

Following guides when scheduling patients and completing procedures should be kept in mind to ensure your day goes smoothly. The patients’ anesthesiologist will discuss the anesthetic plan with you in advance. They will address any safety measures needed. You will work as a team to devise a plan that offers the patient the best care possible.

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Providers upload the documents to a secure dropbox (Egnyte) at least a week before the surgery date so that staff may submit prior authorization to the patient’s insurance company if required and an anesthesiologist may review the patient’s medical records. Providers are given unique login information that must be keep secure.

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